The MUV Collective's

5 Step Low Back Fix

Transform Your Low Back Pain into Strength and Mobility

The Low Back Fix is our Go-To Guide for understanding your

Low Back Pain and what to do about it!


Dr. Kyle Womack

Physical Therapist, CF-L2

"I have worked with hundreds of CrossFit and Fitness athletes for the past 7 years to help them reduce their pain and stiffness, improve their movement, and keep them progressing in and out of the gym.

This guide will show you what I have found to be the top 5 ways to help CrossFit and Fitness athletes eliminate their back pain and get back to hitting PR's!"

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Dr. Kyle at MUV has helped me go from constant pain to being able to move well! Not only has my pain improved, but I am learning better form for all my movements and I'm able to lift heavier

-Jamie A.

I am excited to be able to move with out some of the pains I had just assumed were here to stay.

Absolutely love the idea of using physical therapy as a way to assure I can continue to CrossFit, move pain free, and even hit some new PRs!!!

-Kapua S.

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